Thursday, February 3, 2011


This morning I am reminded of the power of stopping the rhythm of the day to enjoy the task of another's request, no matter how simple. Already boosted by a moderately successful 6km run through Hyde Park, my first in two weeks as I nurse my left soleus muscle, I remembered a request of my rugby mate, Kevin. A simple request - a trinket from London for his lovely bride.

I snapped a photo of a nearby statue at Old Park Lane and then turned East toward my destination, an easy kilometer away. The path was full of city life: rubble tossed from a renovated window, shouting curses between moto and cycle, confusing encounters with left hugging and right hugging zaxes, plaid scarves, maroon, and more.

With my destination reached and my trinket in hand, I changed my order from double to go to a double to stay and now I sit in front of a four meter window overlooking Berkeley Square and am reminded that the spring of life is always one good deed away.


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