Friday, October 8, 2010


This morning is a perfect morning to think about the driving force behind my desire to knock out 40 miles by fleet foot in April 2011. The reason that today is better than another day is that Zachary and I arose well before dawn to trek across Washington DC interstates to the best allergist in the area. And here we sit in Dr. Economides's lobby waiting for an opportunity to take a shot in the arm for immunity and prevention.

Zachary suffers as many people do from allergies. Today we are attacking grasses and molds and airborne allergens that might weaken Zach as he faces the challenges of a new day at school, at play and at sport. There is a reason that we want Zachary as strong as possible. The reason is his severe allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. This reality has shaped Zach's life over the last few years and today we continue our fight. Everyday is a new victory, an opportunity to live and to love.

As I approached my fortieth birthday, I knew that I wanted to do something that would be a positive change in my life. Exercise has always inspired me and after working through a knee operation in 2009, I was more respectful of what it might be like to lose endurance, sport or even mobility. This respect pushed me to try something that would require life changes. Changes that I will take in tow for the next forty years and beyond.

Health became my first inspiration. But health in self and of body was not enough. To make a statement, the body needs nourishment, but so do the mind and the soul. Five years with Zachary in my life has given my new understanding of the true meaning of soul. I knew that an effort to help Zachary's future while strengthening mine was the right combination for a successful test of mind, body and soul.

Health is still the true inspiration, but now I am running for myself and running for the health of my son. FAAN is the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network and for Zachary, they offer hope in the form of allergy awareness and funding for scientific research. We don't want a silver bullet; we simply want a life for Zachary where he can walk into any restaurant, order wisely and not fear a poisonous reaction. We are confident that success is achievable. And for this success, I run and I work to raise money and support for FAAN.

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