Thursday, October 14, 2010


Life is measured and indeed oft remembered in increments on the journey forward. Each step, while important overall, becomes a blur of color in our rainbowed memories. And so we erect monuments beside the trail to mark our progress and to remind us of the essence imbued within the shades of progress.

This week, our family celebrates a few milestones. A twelfth anniversary for the parents, an eighth birthday for our oldest son, and another half year older for the runner in training. The last point brings up an interesting thought - today there are less than six months until the forty mile adventure.

And so with a milestone tackled and a goal in sight, it is worthwhile to evaluate our progress and look to the road ahead. Training has been going well. The runs are longer now. Eight milers are no problem now and the longer runs if 14, 15, and 16 miles, while slow and often painful are successfully completed one by one.

The longer runs have shown me that nutrition and hydration will be critical ingredients for success next April. My biggest fear is the possibility of cramping during a forty mile run. And so in the six months ahead, I will increase my endurance and work hard to learn new ways to keep my body going longer and longer.

So this week, we toast our achievements and look to the road ahead to guide us toward the greater good.

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